Branding - bringing everything together

Identity - what makes us whole

We all know that identity is important. Who we are, whether it’s our personality as an outgoing, fun-loving individual or our sensitive, creative nature, is vital to how we operate. The same is equally true for our business identity. There’s no doubt that a clear brand brings everything together, unites all parts of your business and gives you, your team and your customers a sense of who you are and what you have to offer. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a start-up looking for a way to stand out, or a long established business that’s seeking a way to reinvigorate you business vision, we’re hear to help you explore your brand identity and turn those thoughts, feelings and ideas into strong, successful visuals.

Beginning with brand - the logo

What is a logo - it’s the visual first impression people have of your brand. Like the judgement that most people form within the first few moments of meeting somebody, it’s a constellation of impressions but it’s primarily visual. That’s why working with an expert graphic designer is essential if you’re to make the best impression possible. While logo encapsulates your brand identity, brand is a much bigger thing - logo is that first brief glimpse, whilst brand is the whole business identity, as we’ve described above.

Logo Design

So what should your logo look like? It should look like you! But that’s easier said than done - it’s our job to get to know you and your organisation so that we can represent you in an exciting and interesting way that also has integrity for your business identity.

Style Manual and Business Identity

Even in small organisations it can be tough to reconcile different people’s views of the organisation. It’s like the difference between the way your Mum sees you and the way your mates would describe you - same person, but very different viewpoints! The larger the organisation, the more likely it is that this kind of identity fracture will happen, and that can lead to problems with keeping the whole company working to the same goals and can even lead to customers feeling they they don’t ‘really know who they are dealing with’.

And ideal way to harmonise your brand across all areas of your business is to invest in a set of brand guidelines, often called a Brand Book, or Style Manual, which lays down exactly how to use the business logo, which colours and typography should be used, and all the other kinds of little details that make your brand coherent.

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